Lesbian Stories – Alice’s Marriage In Wonderland


Sex: Female
Age: 21 years
Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine
Complexion: White
Voice: Musical
Face: Very pretty and innocent in looks
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large and blue
Hair: Silken, soft, ample, blonde and waves down to ass
Bust: 40DD, round and firm
Nipples: Pink and puffy
Waist: 31
Hips: 40, wide-curved
Ass: Soft and massive
Thighs: Creamy-soft and fat

Queen Sapporo:

Sex: Female
Age: 39 years
Figure: Skinny, mannish, muscular, poorly curved and mostly flat
Complexion: White
Voice: A little deep pitched
Face: Somewhat attractive and clever in looks
Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and greenish
Hair: Short, boy-cut, straight and red
Bust: 32A, almost flat
Waist: 22
Hips: 31, narrow
Ass: Almost flat
Thighs: Straight and long
Orientation: A hungry lesbian

Alice, clad in a pink bra and matching pink panties, sat on the lawn interweaving her silken combed locks into a thick long plait. No sooner had she finished braiding her hair, then a high-pitched voice from nearby started her.

“Drat! Damn! Fuck a duck! She’ll kill me if I’m late!!” the voice was saying in a very excited tone.

Alice jumped up and looked over the hedge to see the speaker. To her astonishment, it belonged to a rather large, white rabbit. Not an ordinary rabbit by any means. This rabbit was wearing a black leather jacket, Alice could see matching gloves sticking out of a side pocket, and the rabbit was looking at a pocket watch as he hurried along. She watched as he jumped, feet first, into a large hole by the root of a willow.

“Oh my, he dropped something” Alice cried as she ran to see what it was.

It was one of his gloves she picked up. Without thinking first, the nymph jumped into the hole, intent on returning the glove to its owner.

She fell down but it seemed a shallow landing and without feeling hurt she braced herself to a sitting position.

“Oh fuck! I’m in a world of shit!” the rabbit was saying at a distance behind her.

Alice got up and whirled around just in time to see the rabbit vanish behind a hill. She ran after him, hoping to catch him on the other side.

Movement up ahead on the path Alice kept her eyes on the rabbit running before her. She called out: “Hello! Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit!”

But it was no good because the rabbit was already hurrying on his way and didn’t seem to hear her calling him.

The glove was still tucked into her tight bra and she wanted to give it to its owner as fast as she could reach him… but no matter how fast she ran, he still stayed the same distance from her.

Out of breath and her huge chest heaving, Alice finally had to stop to rest for a moment. She watched the rabbit vanish over the top of the hill they were on. As soon as she had caught her breath, Alice ran the rest of the way up the hill and stopped at the top, amazed at what she saw.

Naked women dotted the countryside on the other side of the hill. They appeared to be having sex with each other in various positions from what she could see. A deep female voice could be heard as it screamed out, “You skinny brat… suck the tits of your woman!” then “All bonies eat your volupties!”

That voice belonged to a slim mannish woman who wore a crown on her head and was the only one clad in male outfits there. She seemed to be the queen of all those naked women, who were engaged in lesbian sex under her orders. Alice wondered what that place was and she was answered by a sign board behind the queen that pointed at a luxurious tent. “Queen Sapporo: Castle Sapho Islands, Wonderland” were the words carved on it.

In a moment or two Alice turned her eyes. She watched in awe as a skinny short-haired girl knelt between the fat thighs of a pretty voluptuous blonde and started to lick her slit. The huge sagging tits of that blonde were being sucked by two other slim dark-haired women. Alice moved her hand between her thighs in reflex as the sight roused her in an instant.

Queen Sapporo’s heart throbbed as she noticed this half-naked, extremely pretty and curvaceous nymph standing on the hill, who was stroking herself between her thighs. For some moments she gazed in stupor at the centre of her attention… and instantly fell in love with her.

Alice too noticed the queen’s meaningful stare at her and blushingly averted her eyes.

Queen Sapporo smiled at the blushing Alice as her heart beat faster. She walked to the girl, staring fixedly at her. Alice couldn’t meet Queen’s gaze, who had approached her. She raised her hand and stroked Alice’s cheek lovingly…

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