Free 7 Day Rental – Women We Love

Lesbea finally started getting me new movies!

I’m celebrating in my own way, but thought I’d give out a free copy of the first movie I got from them – Women We Love.

you must use this link to get the free movie. If you don’t have an account you will need to create a free one with a valid email.

if you are too lazy to click the link you can enjoy 30 seconds here:

Stephanie Swift

I was just on the phone with Stephanie and she seems to be doing much better.
if you recall she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and retired from the adult business.

If you want to do something to help her out, Any purchase made through the links below will directly benefit her:

If you are looking for a particular scene in that she’s awesome check it out:

Thanks Stephanie for all that you gave us through the years.

When you need a break from Black Ops 2 – check out Casey Parker’s Girl Crazy

I’m spending most of my day playing Call of Duty, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some down time waiting for matches to begin.
Spawn trap some fools and turn on some porn. Let’s do this…

I generally like Casey better in guy/girl scenes. She is more competent in handling a cock then a pair of breasts.

I guess that’s why the scenes with a strap on are my favorite.

Or maybe I’m in a rougher mood today thanks to the lack of sleep and sniper fire.

Her and Dana DeArmond have some rough porn sex where both women seem to get a little sadistic and they get off on it.
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VHS Amateur Flick

This movie first caught my attention due to it’s lack of video production.
The VHS recording makes this movie feel realistic.

If you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time you know I love brunettes and the brunette ‘Chelsea’ dominates the scene and looks fantastic in her blue skirt and layered white top.

The poor quality helps the imagination. I feel like sometimes all of our cheap HD capabilities have ruined some magic.

The early interactions are a bit weird. You can tell the woman are doing and saying things they think a porn viewer would enjoy and not what they enjoy.

The spanking sounds and looks fantastic and fits with the dominating tone. I’m really enjoying the foreplay.

This movie really feels more like a fetish film then your normal lipstick lesbian scene.
The foreplay and control add to the sexual tension.

Chelsea rides her face pretty hard while fingering her. Really, really nice…

Friends and Lovers

I was in the mood for group sex today and went for Sappho Love Films “Friends and Lovers”

3 beautiful European women in a kitchen playfully kissing and rubbing each other.

There is some plot, but damn if I know what they are saying.

The kitchen scene seems a little odd to me and a bit contrived.

Once the women move to the bedroom the movie really heats up. The acting Read the rest of this entry »