The Art of Kissing – Viv Thomas

It’s odd to think of something that is only 6 years old as classic, but that’s what I think of this movie.

It is the one of the earlier movies that focused heavily on kissing, foreplay, slow build, hot sex.

Viv Thomas always did a great job and continues to impress today.

I’m sure the success of this movie helped inspire many of today’s copycat studios like Club 59 and Lesbea.

The format works really well for the non-English speaking makers of hot lesbian action.

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The Office Girls

The Office Girls is a Viv Thomas ‘classic’ from 2005 that I lasted watched in 2008 is still one of our number 1 ranked toy/dildo movies on Lesbian Videos.

The shooting isn’t spectacular, the acting isn’t much to write home about either, but the sex is pretty damn hot.

Cameron Cruz was a goto brunette for Viv Thomas for a long time and also appears more recently in Girlfriends Films Budapest series.

In this movie Cameron plays Lisa. The owner of some type of business where only hot beautiful lesbians work.

I’m not sure what they actually do besides have sex and xerox their pussies, but I’m not complaining.

Cameron and Dorina (Stella Stevens) seem to really enjoy kissing each other and rubbing themselves all over.
The premise is that Stella wants a raise and in order for her to get it she’ll need to come over the Lisa’s house and work on the details.


Dana Kelly is adorable as Vera – a somewhat nerdy dirty blonde (she wears glasses in some scenes, nerdy enough for me) that has a fantasy pool romp with another hot female staying at the same hotel.

After some heavy pool kissing we cut to Vera in her room reading. The lights go out. She comes down the steps to find a naked Kylie where the two get it on. Are we still in fantasy land?

I really liked the lighting and use of shadows. The music was a bit overpowering for my tastes. I generally like the sound of the kissing and other natural sounds of lovemaking.

yup still in fantasy land. Her pajamas are damn cute. Her wet pussy is hot.

a knock at the door. Kylie jumps Dana’s bones. I really liked the aggressive fun nature of this scene.

There is quite a bit of anal play and acrobatics as the sex progresses.  In each scene so far there has also been quite a bit of self anal fingering that I enjoyed.


In the next Scene Tori gives Nella a few spanks after she presumably made some typos on a report.

the spanking is light and quick followed a desktop romp. I didn’t like this scene very much. It didn’t seem like the women were having a great time.

I think being balanced on the desk made for visually interesting, but realistically challenging scene.

How can you enjoy sex if you feel like you are going to topple over at any minute.

the fake constant purring of the 2 stars didn’t help. I’m not sure if that was an overdub or if it was the original soundtrack.

At the end of the scene we learn that the report only had 3 words “I want You”


Dana and Stella are paired next. Stella is good as the aggressor. Her tall stature over Dana makes for a hot scene.

Love Stella’s body language. Doesn’t hurt that I personally enjoy glasses (Dana)

and blindfolds.

The sex play and chemsitry between these 2 women really turns me on.


The final scene stars Cameron Cruz and Carrie Cruise. Carrie is a high price call girl attending to Cameron’s needs while away on business.

Cameron dominates her and really enjoys herself. The contradiction of their outfits during the initial heavy petting and kissing is beautiful.

I love when Cameron is eating Carrie’s pussy and putting her hand up under Carries dress.

The sex is believable and hot. You can see why Cameron is such a Viv Thomas favorite.

Later Cameron’s nude stockings and pink strap accentuate the pleasure. One of the best toy scenes I’ve seen.

As Cameron finishes herself off with a u shaped vibrator I can’t help wondering what she was paying the call girl for.

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